Offlineimap 6.3.3-rc1 hangs

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Wed Mar 23 16:09:00 GMT 2011

On Tue, 22 Mar 2011 16:10:54 +0100, Vincent Beffara wrote:
> VB> Done - let's see if I got everything right ...

Cool, patches look great BTW.
> BTW, now that I have two versions running ok, one 6.3.2 and one
> 6.3.3-rc1 with the new imaplib2, I have noticed a very serious slow down
> in the sync: the old one takes about 5 seconds, and the new one about 22
> seconds. That's on the same cable, with the same python, and the same rc
> file. I tried a bisect on that, and I got this output:
> ,----
> | 3eee8213824d369a05ce927d6bb78145dc33b7ac is the first bad commit
> | commit 3eee8213824d369a05ce927d6bb78145dc33b7ac
> | Author: Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at>
> | Date:   Sun Mar 6 20:03:04 2011 +0100
> | 
> |     Simplify the syncing strategy a bit
> `----

It is a larger patch than I would have wanted it to be. But it
essentially doesn't change behavior in the common case. Seeing that
slowdown is certainly not what we want to see.

Can you run the version with "-1 -P profiledir" and send me an archive
of the files in that dir after a sync run? If you can do the same for
the old AND the new version, so I can see the differences, that would
even be better.

My syncs have remained equally fast than before.

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