Offlineimap 6.3.3-rc1 hangs

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Sun Mar 27 22:28:08 BST 2011

On Wed, 23 Mar 2011 17:36:26 +0100, Vincent Beffara <vbeffara at> wrote:
> Well if it runs in the background and is semantically correct, that's a
> minor issue. But still, faster would be better ...

I still haven't found what is hurting us so much. But there is one thing
that I noticed when profiling. On a very slow WLAN, from 4 seconds
total, I was spending 1 second in where *a lot* of
time was spent in the various debug() commands in that file (notably in the
options2hash function).

I did NOT have debug enabled, so they did not do anything, but cost me
0.5sec out of 4 seconds (again on a slow WLAN).

Try to remove all calls to debug() in and time your
syncs before and after, I would be interested to see if you see

If that is the case, we would have one more reason to more to a real
logging system. (my favorite would be python's logging module).


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