restore mails from local Maildir back to IMAP

Olaf Schreck chakl at
Mon May 30 14:41:05 BST 2011

I have searched the archives, but I still don't get it.. 
I use offlineimap to backup Mails from an IMAP server to a local Maildir. All 
fine and dandy. 
Now a subfolder on the IMAP server has been deleted and I want to restore this 
folder from the backup back to the IMAP server. 
I thought it would be enough to copy the missing messages to the Maildir, run 
offlineimap and the bidirectional sync would push the messages to the IMAP 
But when I try that, offlineimap deletes the messages that I just copied to 
the Maildir (seems logical because these messages were deleted on the IMAP 
server, so it deletes them in the local Maildir as well).  Since they are now 
deleted from the local Maildir, there's nothing to sync back to IMAP.. 
How do I restore messages from local Maildir back to IMAP?  Do I have to 
"swap" the local and remote definitions in .offlineimaprc? 
Maybe this is special because the whole subfolder had been deleted (and 
recreated), not just the messages inside the folder? 

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