GMAIL hangs

Piers Lauder piers at
Mon May 2 02:08:23 BST 2011


A quick look at that debug output from the GMAIL hang shows incomplete
output implying that imaplib2 hung in the middle of a "write" call, which
is unlikely.

But just in case the debug output is stalling the containing logging code,
you could try adding ".100" into the %s of the write in imaplib2 _mesg()
function, ie change:
  self.debug_file.write('  %s.%02d %s %s\n' % (tm, (secs*100)%100, tn, s))
  self.debug_file.write('  %s.%02d %s %.100s\n' % (tm, (secs*100)%100, tn, s))


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