how to install OfflineIMAP from git

Johannes Kastl ojkastl at
Wed May 4 18:32:36 BST 2011

On 5/4/11 7:23 PM Nicolas Sebrecht wrote:
> [ Please, dont cull the cc list. ]

Im not sure what you mean by that, I hope answering to all is what you

> 	- maint: maintenance branch for our long-lived maintained (big fixes) release

Which are? Is there a list of these releases? People might wonder what
they are...

> 	This will download all the sources with history. By default, git set up the
> 	local master branch up which is most likely what you want. If not, you can
> 	checkout a particular release::

That's nice, so the code most people will get (as the just clone the
repo) is 'safe' to use. Will you put the branch-info on the website too?

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