how to install OfflineIMAP from git

Antoine Levitt antoine.levitt at
Wed May 4 18:48:47 BST 2011

04/05/11 19:23, Nicolas Sebrecht
> [ Please, dont cull the cc list. ]
> On Wed, May 04, 2011 at 01:14:49PM +0200, Antoine Levitt wrote:
>> 04/05/11 12:53, Johannes Kastl
>> > On 4/24/11 6:48 PM Nicolas Sebrecht wrote:
>> >> OfflineIMAP v6.3.3 is out.
>> >
>> > Sorry if this may be a stupid question, but I am new to using git, and
>> > new to using offlineimap.
> This isn't a dump question at all.
>> > Is there any documentation on the different git branches available at
>> > <>? Which branch is used for
>> > what?
> I'll add more documentation about that. This is a very common question.
> Basically:
> 	- maint: maintenance branch for our long-lived maintained (big fixes) release
> 	- master: last release + important bug fixes
> 	- next: what should be in the coming release (a tester and developer branch)
> 	- pu: the "proposed updates" branch for patches not ready for
> 	inclusion

Renaming it to "proposed" might help clear up the confusion.

> The following patch updates the documentation on how to install OfflineIMAP from
> sources (usefull since tarballs aren't provided anymore).
>> Yes, I'd like to know this too. In particular, which branch can I use to
>> get the idle code?
> As Sebastian said, the IDLE code is NOT ready, yet. I cannot even say when it
> will be in mainline.
>>                    I tried pu, but it crashed with
>>   File "/home/antoine/offlineimap/offlineimap/", line 22, in
>>   <module>
>>     from offlineimap.accounts import syncfolder
>> ImportError: cannot import name syncfolder
> Do NOT use pu content. It's for developers and advanced testers only. It _can't_
> run safely... if it run.

I'm running some old snapshot from Ethan's branch, and it works just
fine. I'm aware of what I'm doing, and I backup my mail before trying
any new code, so I'm not sure what this pu branch could have that's so
terrible (unless you happen to merge patches that do rm -rf ~/ when the
configuration file is wrong, which seems unlikely - albeit fun :))

That said, I think it'd be good to put a working (even if extremely
buggy) idle branch out there, so people can try it out and report/fix

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