Double nametrans required in a imap-imap-Sync?

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Wed May 4 19:34:57 BST 2011

On Wed, 04 May 2011 20:11:45 +0200, Johannes Kastl <ojkastl at> wrote:
> As the 1blu-imap-server does not allow subfolders of the INBOX, I put a
> nametrans-rule into the offlineimaprc, that puts all the folders from
> the GMX account into a folder "GMX" on the 1blu server. Seems to work...
> nametrans = lambda foldername: \
>           re.sub('^', 'GMX/', foldername)

I am not sure this works if 1blu doesn't allow Subfolders. What you are
doing here is to just prefix "GMX/" to all your folders (make sure that
your hierarchy separator is actually "/" and not "."). You will still
get subfolders, ie

INBOX.Trash -> GMX/INBOX.Trash

(as I said, most servers will use "." as folder separator).

nametrans rules cannot "merge" several folders into one folder, they can
merely transpose each folder to a different name. What you can do is to
transpose a subfolder hierarchy into a flat hierarchy, e.g.

 nametrans = lambda name: 'GMX-' + name.replace('.','-')

(or similar, untested)

I am not sure I have understood if this is what you are actually trying
to achieve.

> Im not sure if I need to put another nametrans-rule into the
> 1blu-repo-section, to avoid syncing the 1blu-INBOX into the GMX INBOX.

No, you only need the nametrans option in the remote repository.

> Where do the mails from the 1blu-server end up? I just put some there to
> test it, and I'd just like to know.

Err, in the GMX folders ? :-). In your example of
           re.sub('^', 'GMX/', foldername)

it would sync all emails in "GMX/blahh" to "blahh" (given that "blahh"
already exists on GMX, it won't sync the folder if it doesn't exist yet
on the remote server).

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