how to install OfflineIMAP from git

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at
Thu May 5 18:33:23 BST 2011

On Wed, May 04, 2011 at 07:48:47PM +0200, Antoine Levitt wrote:
> 04/05/11 19:23, Nicolas Sebrecht

> > I'll add more documentation about that. This is a very common question.
> > Basically:
> >
> > 	- maint: maintenance branch for our long-lived maintained (big fixes) release
> > 	- master: last release + important bug fixes
> > 	- next: what should be in the coming release (a tester and developer branch)
> > 	- pu: the "proposed updates" branch for patches not ready for
> > 	inclusion
> Renaming it to "proposed" might help clear up the confusion.

I won't. It's a somewhat common name for it. Also, this name is used by
other projects.

> > As Sebastian said, the IDLE code is NOT ready, yet. I cannot even say when it
> > will be in mainline.
> >
> >>                    I tried pu, but it crashed with
> >> 
> >>   File "/home/antoine/offlineimap/offlineimap/", line 22, in
> >>   <module>
> >>     from offlineimap.accounts import syncfolder
> >> ImportError: cannot import name syncfolder
> >
> > Do NOT use pu content. It's for developers and advanced testers only. It _can't_
> > run safely... if it run.
> I'm running some old snapshot from Ethan's branch, and it works just
> fine. I'm aware of what I'm doing, and I backup my mail before trying
> any new code, so I'm not sure what this pu branch could have that's so
> terrible (unless you happen to merge patches that do rm -rf ~/ when the
> configuration file is wrong, which seems unlikely - albeit fun :))

So you're not really aware of what you do. Backing up your mail is a
good thing but it can't prevent from ALL damages. Every serious
developer having enough personnal undergoing in software engineering
knows that.

What the pu branch has so terrible is the way I'm building it. We use a
topic oriented workflow and I merge topics into pu using the -Xtheirs
option. Basically, it can and WILL mix various version of the code. As a
consequence the code in the working tree may be in a _very_ insane

The pu branch is NOT intended to be checkouted. Never.

> That said, I think it'd be good to put a working (even if extremely
> buggy) idle branch out there, so people can try it out and report/fix
> bugs.

Again, the IDLE topic is NOT ready, even for testing. You might use a
developer branch at your own risk. I _do care_ for a minimal sanity of
the code for our testers. Developers usually don't.

Ethan did huge work to have IDLE merged in the official repository.
Sadly, the IDLE branch is still not updated and can't apply to the
current state without errors. I've already sent a mail to him about

Now, if people care enough we expect them to help as far as they can.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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