Offlineimap erroneously deletes 10,000 emails

chris coleman christocoleman at
Thu May 19 18:21:21 BST 2011

Sean, I recommend the following procedure to safely provide the required detailed logs to the devs. 

Do this and the debug log will clearly show the cause of this problem and allow for a solution to happen:

1) make a new mail account on the server with the same folder structure as the account that offlineimap was having difficulty with, 
2) copy your mails from the real account into the new account manually using a mail client,
3) add the new account details to your offlineimap config file,
4) run offlineimap manually with the options -1 -l debug.log -a (new mail account name) -d imap
5) reply to this list with the debug.log scrubbed of passwords , domain names, and usernames


>> Are you sure that the mails haven't been moved into another folder?
>Yes, sure.
>> Are you using weird options like maxage or maxsize?
>> Again, all I can recommend is to update to the latest offlineimap, and
>> take debug logs.
>I'll consider this, but I'm not sure whether I want to risk running
>offlineimap again and I also suspect the problem might be
>rare/intermittent so catching it again with debug logs might be
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