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Frank Doepper news at
Wed Nov 2 19:58:39 GMT 2011

Am 02.11.11 um 10:00 schrieb Sebastian Spaeth:

> I have never seen that error myself.

Only occurs if there are a bunch of mails to sync in direction from local 
maildir to remote imap.

> I have now pushed the following commit to both my next and master 
> branch, which might help fix things, at least it makes things more 
> correct in any case. Does current master on my git repository 
> (git:// make things work?
> commit 8b3ed8b00451e5f1145c93e6171cb8613903ac1c

I have run dd02c307 now, and there are no false read-only messages 
anymore. But I notice that changes in local maildir are only checked at 
start and ongoing changes in local maildir folders are not recognized by 
offlineimap for subsequent syncs (with autorefresh). This had worked in 

>    Fix readonly parameter comparison
>    The default parameter value was "None", and we were comparing that
>    directly to the imaplib2 value of is_readonly which is False or True, so
>    the comparison always returned "False".
>    Fix this by setting the default parameter to "False" and not
>    "None". Also convert all users of that function to use False/True.

Thank you!

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