not writable

Frank Doepper news at
Mon Nov 7 13:13:52 GMT 2011

Am 02.11.11 um 20:58 schrieb Frank Doepper:

> Am 02.11.11 um 10:00 schrieb Sebastian Spaeth:
>> I have now pushed the following commit to both my next and master 
>> branch, which might help fix things, at least it makes things more 
>> correct in any case. Does current master on my git repository 
>> (git:// make things work?
>> commit 8b3ed8b00451e5f1145c93e6171cb8613903ac1c
> I have run dd02c307 now, and there are no false read-only messages 
> anymore. But I notice that changes in local maildir are only checked 
> at start and ongoing changes in local maildir folders are not 
> recognized by offlineimap for subsequent syncs (with autorefresh). 
> This had worked in v6.3.5-rc1.

Checking the commit before 8b3ed8b it seems that the 
local-maildir-changes-not-checked-with-autorefresh bug was already 
introduced somewhere before, but I have no idea when.

But 8b3ed8b definitely fixed the not-writable bug.


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