Better logging

Chris Dennis cgdennis at
Tue Oct 25 10:03:57 BST 2011

Hello OfflineIMAP people

I'm trying to debug some occasional problems with offlineimap (currently 
version 6.4.0), but the way the logging works makes this difficult.

I'm running with '-l offlineimap.log' and 'ui = basic' to keep a record 
of what's happening.

The problems are:
1) the logfile has no timestamps
2) output to the logfile is heavily buffered, so I can't see the latest 
messages without stopping offlineimap.

Would this be easy to fix?  I'll have a go myself if someone will tell 
be which part of the various git repositories I should work on.


Chris Dennis                                  cgdennis at
Fordingbridge, Hampshire, UK

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