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Dave Abrahams dave at
Mon Oct 24 04:11:43 BST 2011

on Sat Oct 22 2011, Dave Abrahams <> wrote:

> I just woke up my mac from sleep (which is supposed to trigger a sync)
> and couldn't get my INBOX to sync without a full restart of offlineimap.
> The log is attached here.  Important events:
> Before about 3:37, where it says "Restarting offlineimap", it's actually
> a SIGUSR1 being sent to the process by the system.  This happens a few times.
> Then, not seeing the expected changes in my INBOX, I sent a SIGUSR2 and
> waited for 40 seconds for the process to shut down cleanly.  After 40
> seconds with the process still alive, it was killed, and then was
> automatically restarted by launchd, at which point you can see that it
> finds new messages to move to my INBOX.

<snip log>

This seems to happen pretty reliably whenever I switch my network
connection between wired and wireless.

Dave Abrahams
BoostPro Computing

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