GMail speed issues

Matthew Walster matthew at
Thu Sep 29 10:58:36 BST 2011

OfflineIMAP has always been "slow" for me on GMail via IMAP. GMail has
always been "slow" in general, and since I've seen many messages per second
through other IMAP servers with OfflineIMAP, I've just assumed it was GMail
slowing everything down.

However, I recently added GMail to OSX's, and it seemed to download
approx. 50 messages per second. OfflineIMAP seems to process approx 1-2
messages per second.

Unfortunately, GMail only support IMAP SSL connections, so I can't provide a
useful packet trace, I was just wondering if anyone else had encountered
this, and whether they had any potential solutions?


Matthew Walster
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