Synchronisation with Exchange IMAP not updating remote

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Thu Sep 15 10:36:10 BST 2011

On Thu, 15 Sep 2011 08:59:53 +0200, Gregory SACRE wrote:
> I'm using offlineimap for a week now (and pretty happy user so far)
> and I think it's not behaving as it's supposed to.
> It might just be a configuration issue but I don't see it.

Hi, that sounds a bit mysterious. Your configuration looks sane, so
there shouldn't be an issue there.

Possible steps to debug:
1) Are the moved mails on the local side really gone from 

2) After you move a mail, do your next run contain entries such as
   delete 1 mail from INBOX
   copying message -1 to <NEWfolder>
   Ideally create a debug log using -d imap -l debug.log so we can trace
   what really happened (CAREFUL, password will be included!)

3) Which version of offlineimap are you using? It should work with all
   versions, but there have been quite some changes in the last months.

4) If you checkout my experimental branch, that offers an experimental
   "--info" command which will you show (it works for me but not for
   others) the folder mappings, are all relevant folders included and

git clone git://
cd offlineimap
git checkout toSent/server_diags
./ --info

Hope things go well and let us know if you resolve the issue.

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