Does offlineimap fails to upload the following email?

Victor Pablos Ceruelo victorpablosceruelo at
Fri Sep 16 16:39:49 BST 2011

At Tue, 13 Sep 2011 15:04:34 +0200,
Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
> On Tue, 13 Sep 2011 11:13:51 +0200, Victor Pablos Ceruelo wrote:
> > I've tried for 5 times and offlineimap always says:
> > 
> > abort: command: APPEND => socket error: <class 'socket.error'> -
> > [Errno 32] Broken pipe
> This means that Gmail closed the connection while uploading or the
> connection got somehow interrupted. Is it a very large mail?
> Incidentally, the very latest code (the next branch as of a few days
> ago) will retry with a new connection when this happens.
> Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

no more than 1 MB any of the emails I'm having problems with.
I've just made a git pull ... thanks for your time, to every one coding there .... 
I'll let you know if it works now. I hope so ... ;-)

I have a question. Maybe someone can help me ...

Suppose I have an imap account Work and another one at Gmail, and I prefer to 
read emails locally. So, I'm syncing a maildir account with 2 imap accounts, 
first MailDir <-> Gmail and secondly MailDir <-> Work. 

Is it possible I'm experiencing an infinite loop because each imap account
wants to give me a different UID for some email?

I've read FAQ and I know this problem applies when syncing Imap_1 <-> Imap_2
but I do not know if it applies here ...


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