Does offlineimap fails to upload the following email?

sebastian at sebastian at
Fri Sep 16 20:28:59 BST 2011

> I have a question. Maybe someone can help me ...
> Suppose I have an imap account Work and another one at Gmail, and I prefer
> to
> read emails locally. So, I'm syncing a maildir account with 2 imap
> accounts,
> first MailDir <-> Gmail and secondly MailDir <-> Work.
> Is it possible I'm experiencing an infinite loop because each imap account
> wants to give me a different UID for some email?
> I've read FAQ and I know this problem applies when syncing Imap_1 <->
> Imap_2
> but I do not know if it applies here ...
This won't work. The MANUAL contains this info since some time:

Sharing a maildir with multiple IMAP servers

    Generally a word of caution mixing IMAP repositories on the same
Maildir root. You have to be careful that you never use the same
maildir folder for 2 IMAP servers. In the best case, the folder MD5
will be different, and you will get a loop where it will upload your
mails to both servers in turn (infinitely!) as it thinks you have
placed new mails in the local Maildir. In the worst case, the MD5 is
the same (likely) and mail UIDs overlap (likely too!) and it will fail
to sync some mails as it thinks they are already existent.

    I would create a new local Maildir Repository for the Personal Gmail
and use a different root to be on the safe side here. You could e.g.
use ~/mail/Pro as Maildir root for the ProGmail and ~/mail/Personal as
root for the personal one.

    If you then point your local mutt, or whatever MUA you use to ~/mail/
as root, it should still recognize all folders. (see the 2 IMAP setup
in the Use Cases section.

So in short, don't.

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