consolidating repositories, etc.

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Mon Sep 26 15:40:49 BST 2011

On Sun, 25 Sep 2011 14:28:31 -0400, Dave Abrahams <dave at> wrote:
> I'd like to consolidate these a bit.  For one thing, offlineimap makes
> my fan run a bit too much for my tastes, and I hope that by reducing the
> threading I could make it more efficient.

Do a -p <profiledir> and send me the resulting dir. I'd be interested to
see where we spent our time in your setup (although waiting for IMAP
connections/responses usually trumps everything else).

A big part of our time is spent retrieving (&comparing) all UIDs on the
server and the corresponding flags. This can be reduced with the
-q(uick) option in cases where you have email boxes with less churn.

But, as I recall your repository deal with disjunct folders anyway:
folderfilter = lambda foldername: foldername in ['INBOX']
folderfilter = lambda foldername: foldername in ['[Gmail]/All Mail']

and therefore there is no duplicate retrieving happening there (besides
getting the folder list). So not sure if and how much we can save.

>   3 "accounts":
>     - BoostPro:       BoostProLocal        <->        BoostProRemote
>     - Spam:           BoostProLocalReadOnly =>        BoostProRemoteSpam
>     - PersonalGMail:  BoostProLocal        <->        PersonalGMailRemote

The first 2 accounts can be run in parallel, the third should probably
be run after the BoostProLocal sync finished.

Per-folder read-only would certainly be nice for many.

> So, two questions:
> 1. Any suggestions for further consilation?

Sorry, nothing to add here for now... A tad busy.
> 2. Is there a way to migrate synchronization data to avoid
>    re-synchronizing my very large Archive folder?

LocalStatus should be pretty much the same across your folders, the
plain text format is simply: 
40960:S                     =UID:messageflags 
with one entry per line. So you could synchronize and share things, I
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