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Sun Sep 25 22:45:26 BST 2011


I am having a slight difficulty configuring my offlineimap client ( I am using the latest git and the 6.3.4 release ) to authenticate with my imap server.  I am able to log in using alternate clients, but not offlineimap.  My .offlineimaprc is as below:

accounts = Home
# This will suppress anything but errors
ui = Basic

enabled = yes
filename = ~/.mutt/mailboxes
header = "mailboxes "
peritem = "+%(accountname)s/%(foldername)s"
sep = " "
footer = "\n"

[Account Home]
localrepository = Local-Home
remoterepository = Remote-Home

[Repository Local-Home]
type = Maildir
localfolders = ~/.mail/LJMU
sep= /

[Repository Remote-Home]
type = IMAP
remotehost =
remoteuser = mail at
remotepass = *********

I have attached a debug log file from the output, which was collected as follows:

offlineimap -o -d imap > debug.log

I have also included a telnet log to highlight that the login does actually work.  I have included 3 as I initially thought it might be to do with the way that offlineimap was quoting the password, but I am  not so sure now.  It was just an initial hunch, as I don't really know python much.

If anyone can be of help I would greatly appreciate it.


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