Another stack trace

Dave Abrahams dave at
Mon Sep 26 20:17:23 BST 2011

on Mon Sep 26 2011, John Wiegley <> wrote:

>>>>>> Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at> writes:
>> Are you using a 'next' branch newer than that (Sep 12)? If yes, the
>> Exception catching is obviously not working and we will have to debug this
>> more closely.
> I'll upgrade and test again.  It's possible that dave's recent Python hard
> crashes put me off from upgrading, since my current version doesn't do that.

FWIW, I think what we were seeing was Python's response to the process
being SIGKILLed, which I do periodically to get it to start a fresh
sync.  It'd be nice if the process would respond to SIGHUP, though :-)

Dave Abrahams
BoostPro Computing

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