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Tue Sep 27 12:40:48 BST 2011

On Sun, 25 Sep 2011 21:45:26 +0000, SimonChambers wrote:

> I am having a slight difficulty configuring my offlineimap client ( I am using the latest git and the 6.3.4 release ) to authenticate with my imap server.  I am able to log in using alternate clients, but not offlineimap.

> [Repository Remote-Home]
> type = IMAP
> ssl=no
> remotehost =
> remoteuser = mail at
> remotepass = *********

Hi there, this looks straightforward enough and should work, one would assume.

Your log shows that it first attempts to login via CRAM-MD5. It gets the challenge:


and returns the answer 

which the server comments with: NO LOGIN failed.\r\n :-(

It then attempts plaintext login, sending:

GLGE5 LOGIN mail at "*********"

to the server, which returns "NO: LOGIN failed."
and the server then drops the connection.

This is weird, as the same string in your telnet session works:
. login mail at "*********"

Dumb question, but have you verified that the passwords are actually the
same? I suspect that it might actually be something with system
encodings and file encodings that might lead to special chars not being
read in correctly?

You might want to try first to use a ui that supports password querying,
such as TTYUI, and leave the password out of your config, so that it
asks you to type it directly in the console. Does this work?

I have created an experimental branch that reads in a users config files
per his preferred encoding (eg 'UTF-8'). If you are comfortable with
git, you might want to try if the branch WIP/ConfigEncoding at my repo at
git:// works.

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