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Thomas Kahle tomka at gentoo.org
Thu Apr 26 14:19:01 BST 2012


Version is still giving my headaches.  I fixed the folder
creation issues that I emailed about on Apr 10 by rewriting the folder
transition functions.  Now it seems to me they contained bugs and should
have never worked, but somehow they did with 6.5.2, but not

In any case, folder translation seems fixed now, but I on two out of my
four accounts offlineimap started re-uploading all local mail to the
server.  First it uploads all local mail leading to a temporary
duplication of all mail, then it removes the old versions.  Why would
this happen?  Could UIDs have changed locally, or remotely?  Has anybody
seen this behaviour?  Is it dangerous to my mail in anyway?

Any hints appreciated!

Thomas Kahle
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