setting time on remote server

Mark A. Hershberger mah at
Thu Apr 26 17:19:18 BST 2012

Quick summary:

I need to fix the time listed in my mail server's WebUI as having
received the email.  I'd like to make them match my local maildir's
mtime on each mail message.  I'm hoping I can do this with OfflineIMAP


I have several years of mail (~12 years) that I access via Zimbra and my
local Maildir.  I use OfflineIMAP to keep these in sync.

I recently noticed that a *lot* of my email is showing up Zimbra's WebUI
with a date around May 5th last year (2011-5-5).  I don't know exactly
when this happened (though, it would be reasonable to assume it happened
about that time), so I don't know what to blame for this mishap.

Still, I would like to get the displayed timestamps to be better.  I
wrote a small script to parse the "Date" header and set the mtime on the
mail file accordingly and tried running offlineimap.  (I just realized
this isn't quite the date I want -- I should have looked for the most
recent "Received" header -- but it is close enough.)

This didn't fix the problem and nor did deleting ~/.offlineimap and
re-running.  I suspect some of you could have guessed that.

But I would like to change what my mail server thinks is the date the
email was received.

Any ideas?


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