Can't recover from broken ssh connection.

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Thu Apr 26 21:34:24 BST 2012

Peter Lewis <pete at> writes:
> I'm using offlineimap with the ssh preauth tunnel to connect to a dovecot 
> server. I am using 'autorefresh' to keep it running and do periodic syncs.

> Attempting NOOP on dropped connection ssh -q 'sudo 
> /usr/lib/dovecot/imap -u username' 
> And offlineimap freezes and doesn't check again.

Hi Peter,

obviously this is not good at all. Unfortunately, I have no setup to
test ssh tunneling myself. I just did audit the code, and it *should*
drop broken connections, and get new ones if needed, so I am a bit
stumped to be honest.

Let me try to get a setup where I use ssh tunneling so I can replicate
this behavior. It should definitely be fixed.


P.S.Sorry for the late reply
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