Re: [Imaplib2-devel] Two patches to improve compatibility with Python 2.6

Sebastian Spaeth sebastian at
Sun Apr 8 23:30:13 BST 2012

Eygene Ryabinkin <rea at> wrote:
>> As far as I'm aware, this has been fixed for some time in imaplib2.
>> The fix was to put the keyword arguments before the *args. Please let
>> me know if it doesn't, in fact, work.
>Yep, it works in my simple tests and works with OfflineIMAP where I had
>patched the relevant lines in the _simple_command().
>Sebastian, may be it is the time to put the new imaplib2 to the master
>branch and test it for a while?

Uhh, I usually try to bundle the latest imaplib2. I'll see if I missed an update next Tuesday.


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