Could the current tree be made more clear?

Kevin Lyda kevin at
Wed Aug 8 12:47:53 BST 2012

There are a number of offlineimap trees on github. has the most recent fix for
the Gmail Chat readonly bug, so I think that's the current head.  I've
submitted a pull request on for
the offline imap formula to reflect that.

However seems in many other ways
to be the canonical tree. It has the tarball download link, it's
linked to in all the docs, it's linked to on the
pages. There's also and

Would there be any interest in some pull requests to all those trees
to fix some of that?  I can't change what has
on it's page or add download links to or even edit the page
comments on*/offlineimap, but I could at least run
through docs and direct people to the OfflineIMAP github tree...


Kevin Lyda
Dublin, Ireland
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