Could the current tree be made more clear?

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at
Wed Aug 8 17:26:36 BST 2012

On Wed, Aug 08, 2012 at 12:47:53PM +0100, Kevin Lyda wrote:
> There are a number of offlineimap trees on github.
> has the most recent fix for
> the Gmail Chat readonly bug, so I think that's the current head.  I've
> submitted a pull request on for
> the offline imap formula to reflect that.

OfflineIMAP repository is likely to become the official one. We are in
the process of creating a core team of maintainers. The official
announce is pending for few weeks to give us the time to be used to work

> However seems in many other ways
> to be the canonical tree. It has the tarball download link, it's
> linked to in all the docs, it's linked to on the
> pages.

It's expected as Sebastian did the last release. Links will be updated
for the next release and after the announce for the new repository.

> pages. There's also and

This one is quiet old and obsolete.


I've succeeded John Goerzen (creator of OfflineIMAP) as maintainer.
While I became more and more busy, Sebastian took the maintenance in
order to help me.

> Would there be any interest in some pull requests to all those trees
> to fix some of that?

Part of the confusion comes from DCVS conventions and OfflineIMAP
history. This is not much an issue as long as links to
the correct repository.

>                       I can't change what has
> on it's page

This is wrong. has its own repository at



>              or add download links to

As explained, this would be a bit premature for now.

>                                            or even edit the page
> comments on*/offlineimap,

The official repository is Sebastian's. For the last release tarballs,
etc, this is still the right place.

Though, the WIP/development for the next release will happen on
OfflineIMAP github organization. Main developers and contributors are
aware of this change and users don't not care much. Latters will be
advised in time.

>                                               but I could at least run
> through docs and direct people to the OfflineIMAP github tree...

Please, be patient until the migration is fully accomplished. :-)

Nicolas Sebrecht

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