Locally Archiving email in folder - no delete if remote delete

Thomas Kahle tomka at gentoo.org
Tue Dec 11 19:37:58 GMT 2012


On 10:17 Tue 11 Dec 2012, Rainer M Krug wrote:
> Hi
> There was a recent discussion about using offlineimap as a "only download from remote and do not
> delete local email even if deleted on remote server" setup, kind of an archive off all mails. Has
> there been any progress? Unfortunately I can't find the thread at the moment.

Why can't the archive be on the server too?  I keep my server and local
copy in sync with offlineimap and additionally I backup my local maildir

> My reasoning: I want to archive my email from gmail on a local imap
> server by doing the following:
> 1) label the email on gmail as "To Be Archived"
> 2) use offlinemap to download all emails in this "To Be Archived" folder
> 3) delete them on gmail
> Any suggestions?

Maybe it would be better to implement a solution for this from scratch
(should not be too much work with imaplib2 or similar) or use an
entirely different tool.  The design goals of offlineimap seem to me in
a quite different direction.


Thomas Kahle
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