offlineimap smart backup synchronization = bidirectional synchronization without deleting any messages

Rainer M Krug R.M.Krug at
Thu Dec 20 08:36:46 GMT 2012

On 20/12/12 09:03, Edward Z. Yang wrote:
> OK, so you basically want OfflineIMAP to never delete anything. That would work, in that case.
> Edawrd

This sounds very promising, only that in my case I would combine it with "readonly=TRUE" on the
gmail account. By doing this, I could delete emails on gmail, and they would stay in my local
maildir, but not be synced back. Very nice.

Could I suggest, that this could become an option in offlineimap, so that I can set an "no-delete
= TRUE" option, where only messages are created in this account, but not deleted?

Should not be to difficult to implement (I am unfortunately not familiar at all with the inner
workings of offlineimap), and a very useful option for backup of emails in case of a serer failure
/ accidental deletion of emails on server side.



> Excerpts from proxym's message of Thu Dec 20 13:18:55 +0800 2012:
>> I need removing it every time, because I want that: 1) all messages which were deleted
>> locally will be restored from remote instead of removing on remote 2) all messages which were
>> deleted remotely will be restored from local instead of removing on local
>> I assume that every time before I started offlineimap some messages can be deleted on local
>> maildir or remote imap.
>> 2012/12/20 Edward Z. Yang <ezyang at>:
>>> Excerpts from proxym's message of Thu Dec 20 12:46:35 +0800 2012:
>>>> Then the best solution for me is just a total removing of status folder
>>>> (/home/username/.offlineimap) before every start of offlineimap, isn't it?
>>>> I can't believe that it is so simple =)
>>> Well, after your status folder is initialized for the first time, you shouldn't need to
>>> remove it again.
>>> Edward
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