Crash with sqlite backend

Allan Wind allan_wind at
Sun Feb 5 01:03:46 GMT 2012

Sorry for breaking the thread again.  Seems that I am losing 
mail, and I was using mbsync this time around so that points to 
either the Dovecot or my Motorola Android Client (not able to 
find any identifying information about the client) rather than 

No, I was not manipulating the maildir flags other than what
my phone was doing.

It is unlikely that:

OfflineImapError: Server '' closed 
connection, error on SELECT 'INBOX'.  Server said: command: EXAMINE
=> no response after 60.0 secs

is a network error as the server is on my lan which I was 
connected to at the time.  I was howerver trying to sync a very 
large mailbox (700k messages I think it was) so it is possible 
that there were intermittent issues with timeout.

Allan Wind
Life Integrity, LLC

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