Working 6.3.4 config breaks in

Jonas Hörsch coroa at
Mon Feb 13 17:23:03 GMT 2012


On Mon, Feb 13 2012, Michael Williams wrote:

> In both cases, offlineimap copied new messages (i.e. negative
> message index) from the local repository to the remote. This didn't
> seem right, given I had just synced, so I aborted the process.

the two cases only differ if you have a remote folder INBOX which would
by your remote nametrans to a local folder of the same name INBOX (as
there is no "INBOX." at the beginning). Then Daniel's expression is

to explain the copying: it wouldn't be possible that you created some
new folders on your local imap (f.ex. to locally resort the mails), and
they had not been synced as of yet?


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