Fixed the (harmless) "getfolders asked for nonexisting folder" bug

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Thu Jan 5 13:26:50 GMT 2012

Dear all,
I just pushed this to the next branch. It fixes the weird, but harmless
(in the sense that the 2nd sync would work nonetheless) error that one
received when there was a new remote folder.

I expect to put out a new release sometime next week. I hope to have
nailed down the IMAP<->IMAP corruption by then.

commit a280a905ca115306344572dae56eb8509d5ba34f
    Fix "getfolders() asked to get nonexisting folder" bug
    When a new remote folder was detected, we tried to create the folder
    locally on the Maildir and called repository.forgetfolders() to force a
    new scanning of the Maildir. However, that implementation used the
    inherited base function that did nothing. We simply needed to implement
    forgetfolders() to set self.folder=None, so we would force a new read in
    of the updated local folder structure.
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