MachineUI stopped working on 6.4.2 and git

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Fri Jan 6 22:45:36 GMT 2012

On Fri, 06 Jan 2012 20:02:20 +0100, coroa at (Jonas =?utf-8?Q?H=C3=B6rsch?=) wrote:
> well, it doesn't throw exceptions anymore, but the format changed. There
> now seem to be quite some multiline messages, which didn't use to be there.
> f.ex.:
> msg:syncingmessages:Folder xournal [acc: GMail]:Gmail
> xournal
> MappedIMAP
> GMail.xournal
> instead of
> msg:syncingmessages:Folder sync [GMail]:Gmail%0Axournal%0AMappedIMAP%0AGMail.xournal%0A

Doh, those multi-line printmessage had actually been urlencoded! Sorry,
yeah that had gone as I had obviously not properly understood the way
this was supposed to be handled (I blame lack of documentation :-)).

I just pushed a fix to the "next" branch that urlencodes the lines
again (ugly fugly IMHO).

The acc: is still in the output, I added that to the logging lines
without being aware that it is a "specially reserved char" for one
logging backends.

emacs can parse json just fine, so it should be able to cope with
that. But that is very low priority. I want less, not more ui backends
to test...

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