MachineUI stopped working on 6.4.2 and git

Jonas Hörsch coroa at
Fri Jan 6 19:02:20 GMT 2012

On Fri, Jan 06 2012, Sebastian Spaeth wrote:

> On Sun, 18 Dec 2011 20:10:24 +0100, coroa at wrote:
>> the MachineUI didn't survive me upgrading from 6.4.0 to 6.4.2 or
>> master. When I invoke offlineimap now like
> Thanks for reporting, this bug has been rendered obsolete by the recent
> switch the new logging system. Can you try current master and see if it
> works for you there? (It won't work in the latest stable release, but
> the master branch contains a fix).

well, it doesn't throw exceptions anymore, but the format changed. There
now seem to be quite some multiline messages, which didn't use to be there.

msg:syncingmessages:Folder xournal [acc: GMail]:Gmail

instead of

msg:syncingmessages:Folder sync [GMail]:Gmail%0Axournal%0AMappedIMAP%0AGMail.xournal%0A

also notice the extra problem with the [acc: ...] addition.

msg:sleeping:Account sync GMail:10

instead of

msg:sleeping:Account sync UPZeik:10%0A280

> That having said, I am no friend of the MachineUI. It's clunky,
> non-standard output is hard to parse and you can never be sure that a
> line is actually limited to 1 line output anyway.
> What would people say about deprecating the MachineUI and instead having
> json output that would be easier to parse as a machine-readable log
> form?

Well the old one line style was actually not that difficult to
parse. I'm not sure how json would simplify something here. I'm a big
fan of offlineimap.el for emacs which still depends on MachineUI, but
perhaps it wouldn't be too difficult to adapt that either.


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