folder skipped without being examined -- bug with s/folderfilter/-f/ ? Re: 100 messages limit, on multiple IMAP->Maildir accounts

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Mon Jan 9 09:45:36 GMT 2012

On Mon, 09 Jan 2012 04:51:01 +0200, "Daniel Shahaf" wrote:
> I see the problem with:
> % nice ./ -c fm.offlineimaprc -f INBOX.lists -a dshahaffm -l log
> I do not see the problem with:
> % echo "folderfilter = lambda x: x in ['INBOX.lists']" >> fm.offlineimaprc
> % nice ./ -c fm.offlineimaprc -a fm -l log

Hi Daniel,
taking this offline for now to avoid spamming the list even more. This
looks more curious.

lambda x: x in ['INBOX.lists'] breaks but "-f INBOX.lists" not? Breaking
meaning it gets stuck after 100 messages?

That is really weird. Once we have determined which folders should be
paired, nametrans is not involved anymore at all.

Before releasing I had successfully transferred 2000 message using

Can you send me your offlineimap.conf and the output of ./
--info -u basic?

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