Problem with OfflineIMAP

Dave Abrahams dave at
Fri Jul 20 15:13:56 BST 2012

on Fri Jul 20 2012, Tim Kroeger <> wrote:

> * I then run OfflineIMAP.  It produces some error message.  (I ran it
> as
> 	offlineimap -d imap,maildir -l debug.log -f INBOX,INBOX/tk
> but did not attach the debug.log here because it contains sensitive
> information -- please let me know where to send it such that only the
> OfflineIMAP developers get it.)

It appeasrs as though there are no "OfflineIMAP developers" at the
moment :( See

Can you at least post the contents of the error message itself, minus
any sensitive information it might contain?
> * After this, despite of the error message, everything seems alright
> for the moment.  

I get error messages all the time.  It seems as though OLI is pretty
resilient, though, and if I just run it again, things go well.

> However, if I run OfflineIMAP again then, it produces another,
> identical, message in the INBOX/tk folder.  This continues arbitrarily
> often

Oh, well sounds like you're in a different boat, then.

Dave Abrahams
BoostPro Computing

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