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Hello - all those concerned about the future of OffilineIMAP -

I obtained permission from jetbrains for all official members of the OfflineIMAP project to receive free licenses of their cross-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac) Python IDE "pyCharm".  

( Disclaimer - I'm not associated in any way with jetbrains - I just believe in the power of automated development tools, and noticed they sponsor open source projects' licenses- with nothing asked in return. It's there way to give back to the open source community...)

I've played with pyCharm and I like it a lot- it's got very handy unit test features, integrates quite smoothly with github, supports refactoring and code analysis.  It should help to accelerate locating the causes of these bugs, and substantially to boost quality of the code.

All we need to do to actually get the licenses, is for the project leader - Nicholas, I presume - to apply directly to jetbrains for the free open source licenses for pyCharm for the OfflineIMAP project.  They'll review and approve the application in a few days and issue licenses for all contributor names listed on the official project page.

If you are considering becoming an official contributor and are unsure whether you'd be able to wrap your brain around the code- it might be smart idea to get your name on the list of official project contributors, qualifying for a pyCharm license, and you'll have this very powerful and highly rated tool to help you produce better quality code, faster, and more easily...


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On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 07:58:57AM -0400, Dave Abrahams wrote:

> It looks official enough where it's listed at the bottom of
> http://offlineimap.org/

Arf, didn't know about that.

I guess this is an update of Sebastian while he was maintaining OfflineIMAP.

> BTW, right now, AFAICT, the bottleneck on all-things-official is you.
> If you want to get this project unstuck, unless you have a lot more time
> than you've indicated, that's the first thing you'd need to address.

Well, I believe it would be better to have the issue tracker at the
github's organization. We might need to deprecate the current tracker.

We'll see comments from here and how handle that with Sebastian.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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