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chris coleman christocoleman at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 29 05:38:00 BST 2012

>I worry about using dedicated tools/tests for a few developers where we

>would need every users to run tests whithout having potential compagny
>restrictions in the long term. So, I'm convinced such IDE or continous
>integration tool might be a big plus but there are alternatives around
>which could better fit users expectations, I guess.
>Nicolas Sebrecht

I understand the worry about using dedicated tools/tests for a few developers, however :

1) the testing framework in pyCharm is a standard "pyunit"- this means that anyone can also run the tests using the command-line version of pyunit.  So the IDE is not required to develop or test, but it's nice to have, convenient, and powerful.  But there's no vendor lock-in, so it's safe to use.

2) for non-project members who still want to play around with the OI code in the pyCharm IDE, they could choose to install the 30 day free trial, or install the free "early access program" release version of pyCharm (these "EAP" versions are usually RC quality) - if they really hate to use the command line, but want to try to run some tests inside the IDE, without being an official project member.  As soon as they're done playing around, and they decided to join the OI project officially, they'll receive an official license for pyCharm, and really start contributing some serious improvements...

3) I definitely feel the OI project should try out the free open source license for pyCharm for all project members, for 30 or 60 days, before deciding whether or not to try it, or use it on the OI project....  I predict we'll be pleasantly surprised by how helpful it is to allow us to improve the quality of the OI code, and probably want to continue using it, past the 30 or 60 day, self-imposed try-out period....

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