ANNOUNCE: OfflineImap 6.5.4

sebastian at sebastian at
Wed Jun 6 09:50:43 BST 2012

> Which gives me the problem as reported here -
> Establishing connection to
> ERROR: Server SSL fingerprint 'f3043dd689a2e7dddfbef82703a6c65ea9b634c1'
> for hos
> tname '' does not match configured fingerprint. Please
> verify and
> set 'cert_fingerprint' accordingly if not set yet.

*sigh*, I had hoped the error message would be clear, "to look up the docs
for cert_fingerprint" in the sample offlineimap.conf, where it is
described how to set it.

I'll update the configuration manual to describe this, and I'll post an
"upgrade howto" on

Thanks for letting me know about this

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