ANNOUNCE: OfflineImap 6.5.4

sebastian at sebastian at
Wed Jun 6 09:30:23 BST 2012

> On Tue, Jun 05 2012, Oon-Ee Ng wrote:
>> On Sat, Jun 2, 2012 at 7:54 PM, Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at>
>> wrote:
>>> * Actually perform the SSL fingerprint check (reported by J. Cook)
>> Which gives me the problem as reported here -
>> Establishing connection to
>> ERROR: Server SSL fingerprint 'f3043dd689a2e7dddfbef82703a6c65ea9b634c1'
>> for hos
>> tname '' does not match configured fingerprint. Please
>> verify and
>> set 'cert_fingerprint' accordingly if not set yet.
>> *** Finished account 'ML' in 0:00
> if you add (as the error description tries to tell) a line
> cert_fingerprint = f3043dd689a2e7dddfbef82703a6c65ea9b634c1
> to the repository section of your gmail account, offlineimap will sync
> again AND prevent anyone from impersonating the gmail imap server from
> now on.
> this brings me to the thought if there shouldn't be upgrade instructions
> somewhere, as i was bitten by the same problem? are there?

No, there is no further upgrade instruction. I had assumed that the error
message is clear enough, outlining people on how to proceed. I guess not

I will add something about this to the configuration manual, which is also
online at

I hope at least the gmail sync works again for everyone.


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