'Safe Harbor' version of offlineimap

Tim Gray lists+offimap at protozoic.com
Thu Jun 14 02:58:14 BST 2012

On Jun 13, 2012 at 09:47 PM -0400, Robert Marianski wrote:
>I haven't updated since I don't have any problems, and am happy
>with it.

I update every couple of weeks, when new versions are rolling out 
frequently.  I've never really had much in the way of problems.  
Every once in a while it hung when I used to run it in background mode, 
but since I moved to running it every 5 mins in 'once' mode, I've not 
had any issues at all.

I'm currently running 6.5.4 and it's been fine here.  I've been using it 
for about 4 years I think.

I wish I could tell you the 'stable' version, but I don't know.

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