INBOX is not writeable

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Tue May 1 19:24:29 BST 2012

I am not sure how this relates to the message from Frank Doepper:

As in other messages, I have just updated to on several
machines, and encountered some empty folder problems as reported 

On one machine I am also seeing this sort of thing:
Account sync ntl:
 *** Finished account 'ntl' in 0:09
ERROR: Exceptions occurred during the run!
ERROR: Aborting sync, folder 'INBOX' [acc: 'ntl']
  Server '' closed connection, error on SELECT 'INBOX'. Server said: INBOX is not writable

This is on one account (of two) on the same gmail-type server.
Clearing the cache does not cure the problem.

Here (again) are the relevant parts of the config file:
[Account ntl]
localrepository = ntlimap
remoterepository = ntlserv

[Repository ntlimap]
type = Maildir
localfolders = ~/Mail/ntl_imap
sep = /

[Repository ntlserv]
type = Gmail
ssl = yes
remoteprt = 993
remotehost =
remoteuser = user at
trashfolder = [Gmail]/Bin
folderfilter = lambda foldername: foldername not in ['[Gmail]/All Mail','[Gmail]/Bin']

I emphasize again that a very similar account on the same server and
same machine does not suffer the problem.

Running with -d all seems to avoid the problem! I attach the gzipped
log anyway. It may perhas be because it imposed single threading...

In the next run, the problem with the INBOX vanished, only to be
replaced by a similar problem with a "SentMail" folder.

All this smells very nondeterministic. These runs were on an old slow
machine. Using the -1 option cured the "sentMail" folder problem.
I have always suspected deep seated concurrency problems with 
offlineimap, but I am not sure that python has good (any?) tools
to help: I hope that I am wrong.

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