Reliability and shutdown

Thomas Kahle tomka at
Sun May 13 21:00:10 BST 2012

On 11:15 Sun 13 May 2012, Tracy Reed wrote:

> I'm surprised these problems have persisted for so long. The offlineimap
> website and docs actually make it look like someone really cares about this
> project. But the persistent bugs suggest otherwise or that hardly anyone uses
> this piece of software.

There's also the possibility that other people use offlineimap without
many problems.

I am running offlineimap every 5 minutes using a cronjob.  It checks for
an internet connection and already running instances so that it never
runs twice (although it also has internal checks, but better safe than
sorry).  I use the -o option, to make offlineimap quit after one sync.
Additionally I use the option

socktimeout = 120

in my offlineimaprc to ensure that it dies if the socket is silent for 2
minutes.  This configuration is running without any major trouble for a
couple of years now.


Thomas Kahle
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