Reliability and shutdown

Tracy Reed treed at
Sun May 13 19:15:15 BST 2012

On Sat, May 12, 2012 at 12:58:26PM +0100, ael spake thusly:
> You are not alone. offlineimap has shown these sorts of problems for
> many years. Mostly it is possible to work around the faults, but the
> latest version seems to have got somewhat worse.

That's a real shame. I use imapfilter to sort my mail and as approximately the
same class of program it has been highly reliable. I wish offlineimap could be
as solid.

> I know that this is not a very helpful answer - for anyone. But
> it seems clear that there is some sort of underlying design problem
> which I strongly suspect involves races. If only I had time to spare...

I have tried reducing maxsyncaccounts to 1 thinking that would prevent
simultaneous syncing and remove the possibility of race conditions but the
current behavior of that option seems to limit the number of accounts on the
accounts= line to be synced. This seems fairly useless to me.

I'll give the -1 option a try. I hadn't noticed that before. It has probably
been continuing to use multiple connections/threads per account.

I'm surprised these problems have persisted for so long. The offlineimap
website and docs actually make it look like someone really cares about this
project. But the persistent bugs suggest otherwise or that hardly anyone uses
this piece of software.

Tracy Reed
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