Offlineimap creates additional labels in Gmail and then complains about their UID validity

Rafał Ochmański mlisty at
Sun Oct 21 18:54:53 BST 2012

Problem appeared after upgrading Ubuntu to 12.10 and offlineimap to
6.5.4. It's not particularly severe but gets a little messy.

I have labels in my main Gmail account named after my other e-mail
addresses under another label 'aliasy', for example
aliasy/rafal at When syncing all labels with offline imap
it correctly creates locally a folder aliasy.rafal at and
downloads the messages but also apparently creates remotely (in the
Gmail account, that is) a folder/label aliasy/rafal at ochmanski/com
(note the slash instead of the dot before com) and then complains
about its UID validity

I removed those labels (with slashes in place of dots here and there)
but they reappear after offlineimap run. I'm assuming they're being
recreated in the process of syncing.

Was there a change in the way Gmail's IMAP is being treated? Or did I
previously got somehow lucky with the configuration? I'm pretty sure I
haven't changed anything
What other info should I include?


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