Offlineimap creates additional labels in Gmail and then complains about their UID validity

Dima Pasechnik dimpase+olimap at
Sun Oct 21 19:43:32 BST 2012

On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 07:54:53PM +0200, Rafał Ochmański wrote:
> Problem appeared after upgrading Ubuntu to 12.10 and offlineimap to
> 6.5.4. It's not particularly severe but gets a little messy.
> I have labels in my main Gmail account named after my other e-mail
> addresses under another label 'aliasy', for example
> aliasy/rafal at When syncing all labels with offline imap
> it correctly creates locally a folder aliasy.rafal at and
> downloads the messages but also apparently creates remotely (in the
> Gmail account, that is) a folder/label aliasy/rafal at ochmanski/com
> (note the slash instead of the dot before com) and then complains
> about its UID validity
> I removed those labels (with slashes in place of dots here and there)
> but they reappear after offlineimap run. I'm assuming they're being
> recreated in the process of syncing.
you might disable creation of remote folders by 
using the option createfolders.
E.g. I have a similar kind of Gmail setup, and to prevent 
this kind of thing, I have

  [Repository gmail-remote]
  type = Gmail
  remoteuser = ....

in the part of .offlineimaprc
specifying the remote Gmail account.

This of course will prevent any new imap folders you create locally
to propagate to Gmail, but, OK, if you don't ever do this it's OK.

> Was there a change in the way Gmail's IMAP is being treated? Or did I
> previously got somehow lucky with the configuration? I'm pretty sure I
> haven't changed anything
> What other info should I include?

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