Nametrans not translating folder path

Tyson Moore tyson at
Sun Sep 23 19:48:03 BST 2012

Hello all,

I've been trying for a couple of days to set up offlineimap to replicate the contents of one IMAP server (read-only) to another IMAP server (read/write). The read-only IMAP server doesn't use a prefix, so the folders are "INBOX", "Drafts" etc. However, the "local" server has a prefix of "INBOX.", requiring nametrans to turn "Drafts" into "INBOX.Drafts" etc. I've posted my full configuration (with passwords redacted, of course) to

My remote server is configured as such (as suggested in the documentation):
[Repository remote]
readonly = True
nametrans = lambda folder: re.sub('^INBOX.', '', folder)

My local server has a matching reverse nametrans rule:
[Repository local]
nametrans = lambda folder: 'INBOX.' + folder

However, when I run offlineimap, it immediately terminates with an error after connecting:

ERROR: Folder 'Tasks'[local] could not be created. Server responded: ('NO', ['Permission denied'])

It seems from this that offlineimap is attempting to create the folder 'Tasks' instead of 'INBOX.Tasks'. I have tried many different permutations of the nametrans expressions, swapping them and removing them, all for naught. Can anybody see a reason why it would be doing this or offer any insight on how to further diagnose the issue?


tyson at

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