messages not being expunged?

Alan Schmitt alan.schmitt at
Mon Apr 22 08:46:43 BST 2013


It seems that offlineimap is not removing messages with the 'T' flag
that are in my inbox (these messages were automatically moved by another
machine from the inbox to a spam folder). Here is for instance what I
see in my INBOX/new folder at the moment:

~/.Maildir/INBOX ls -1 new,U=668913,FMD5=7e33429f656f1e6e9d79b29c3f82c57e:2,T,U=668929,FMD5=7e33429f656f1e6e9d79b29c3f82c57e:2,T,U=668933,FMD5=7e33429f656f1e6e9d79b29c3f82c57e:2,,U=668934,FMD5=7e33429f656f1e6e9d79b29c3f82c57e:2,

Is there a way to tell offlineimap to delete these messages?



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