"Could not find UID"

Alan Schmitt alan.schmitt at polytechnique.org
Mon Dec 9 08:45:05 GMT 2013


I sometimes (every ten runs or so) have the following error:

ERROR: Could not find UID for msg '807770' (f:'INBOX'. This is usually a
bad thing and should be reported on the mailing list.

This happens in the following scenario:

- the message is first downloaded from the server, but it has the
  Trashed flag
- it is expunged locally by doveadm
- upon the next synchronization, if the message was also expunged on the
  server, then I see this error

The reason I do a local expunge is that the server takes a while before
expunging the messages, and my mail clients show them to me (I've tried
both mu4e and gnus).

Should I worry about this error? And is there a way not to download
messages with the Trashed flag?



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