Socket error during login

Gordon Fontenot gordon at
Wed Dec 11 22:22:14 GMT 2013

Hey there fine folks of offlineimap,

A few days ago it would seem that I seriously screwed something up with
one of my accounts. All of a sudden, it refuses to log in, citing a
socket error and printing the error message 'Too many read 0'. I've
found some information about this problem but nothing that leads me to a
method of fixing it.

Long story short, I (boneheadedly) decided to move my local mail
directory instead of just wiping it out and re-syncing. While I was
moving it, offlineimap kind of freaked out and synced the entire archive
again. It didn't upload duplicate emails (as far as I can tell), it just
re-uploaded the existing emails. While that was going on, a launchd
script triggered and killed the process, and restarted offlineimap. I
then killed _that_ process, and continued the sync manually. This
happened a couple of times. I'm not very smart.

After all of this completed, I started seeing the error. As it is, I
can't log into the account at all. The username and password are
correct, and nothing has changed except the name of the local directory.
I have deleted the local mail directory, and the account and repo
directories inside ~/.offlineimap, the problem persists. No clue how to
continue. If anyone has any insight, I'd really appreciate it.

The full log of the failing sync is here:

 - Gordon

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